RF/Microwave Components

RF/Microwave Components

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  • Analog fiber optic transmitters and receivers to 30 GHz, >100 db dynamic range
  • Antenna Remoting Solutions with ruggedized outdoor units
  • Delay lines, WDM systems, linear communications links, remote sensing
  • Time over Fiber interfaculty link systems: IRIG, 1PPS, CW/Sine standards, GPS
  • Engineering and Project Management Consulting Services
  • Serving communications, RF/microwave/fiber-optics, autonomous vehicles and satellite payload marketplaces
  • Team of engineering, management and business resource professionals
  • Z-Poynt’s goal is to bridge ideas with profitable products and applications
  • Expert in High Performance Oscillator Design and Manufacturing: VCO, PLO, FTO, DTOs and High-speed clocks up to 67Ghz
  • Custom Multi-Function Assemblies up to 67Ghz: up/down converters, freq. multipliers & dividers, amplifiers, SPMT switches, filters, PLLs & more
  • Custom modules are engineered from the ground up to ensure best performance
  • LiNb03 Modulators: Phase, Intensity and Polarization
  • Switches and Scramblers up to 40GHz
  • Wide wavelength selection – 780nm – 2µm
  • Modulator Drivers and Bias Controllers
  • Reference/Analog Optical Transmitters
  • Sub-nanosecond Optical Pulse Shapers
  • GaAs Modulators – ideal for aerospace and satellite applications
  • Broadband and IQ Modulators up to 45GHz

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