ATE/General Purpose

ATE/General Purpose

jtag technology | teracomm
  • World Leader in 1149.1 Boundary Scan Test and Programming Solutions
  • Controllers available in: PXI, PCI, VXI, USB, Firewire and Ethernet
  • Flash, PLD and CPLD programming via boundary scan
 LUCEO Logo 250X50
  • Modular electrical BERT Platform 2G – 28G (Quad)
  • Clock Sources, Pattern Generators, Error Detectors, Clock Recovery, O/E, VOA and OPM
  • OIF and IEEE Stress Receiver test with their DJ/RJ/VEC Stress Generator module
  • Signal Switching Experts – Switching from DC to Light (Largest PXI switch offering)
  • Instrumentation for Select Applications including PXI Power Supplies and Battery Simulators
  • PXI, LXI, VXI, PCI and GPIB platforms
  • QuickSyn®: Affordable, Compact, Fast-Switching, Low-Phase-Noise Frequency Synthesizers
  • Instrument grade performance – Power control, AM, FM, PM and Pulse Modulation (10Ghz and 20Ghz models available) in a 5”x7” package
  • Applicable for Embedded designs and for Lab or ATE applications (USB and SPI bus control)
vaunix | teracomm
  • Low cost RF synthesizer, 50MHz – 12GHz
  • Low cost digital attenuator, 60dB, to 6GHz
  • USB power and control – EASY programming/control
lady bug technologies | Teracomm
  • USB Power Sensors – Pulse Profiling, Pulse (peak), and CW Power Meter and Sensor in one!
  • 10MHz to 26.5GHz (Best in Class Price
  • Fast (2,000 meas/sec), NO Zero/No Cal over temp and frequency
pico technology | Teracomm
  • USB Oscilloscopes, Up to 2 channels, 12GHz Bandwidth
  • Up to 5 TS/s sampling(ETS)
  • Low Cost Solution



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